We're Restaurant People

As owners and operators of restaurants, we understand the trials and tribulations that operators encounter. The compelling story of a brand can sometimes get lost in the fray of the day-to-day running of a company. At PlanB, the hospitality industry comes as natural to us as breathing, so we are always prepared to help you through your unique problems with unique solutions.

We're Impact People

PlanB has successfully re-branded, revitalized and repositioned some of the best regional and national brands in the industry by creating an integrated brand strategy which results in a noticeable impact at every guest contact point.

We Create Alignment

PlanB recognizes the value of human capital at all levels of the organization. We know that we all need to be on the 'same sheet of music' if we're to create equity in any brand. The unique nature of the hospitality industry means that our customer's beliefs about the brand are impacted from the time they see the website, to the time their server clears the last dish from the table. We provide ways to strengthen your brand through consistency and alignment at every guest:brand interface.

We're Cost Efficient

The commitment to a positive return on investment is mission critical. At the end of the day, this is your business and the key is to create maximum impact with a finite amount of money. PlanB makes it a priority to create top shelf ideas with an affordable price tag.

We Get The Brand Experience

We specialize in developing and enabling the articulation of brand values, culture and experience to create a compelling and authentic story told through the brand's DNA. Brand DNA addresses architecture, design, atmosphere, food, beverage and service.