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As a young child, Gina took her love for art and never gave it a rest. Her goal was to grow up and be an artist, whatever that meant. Thankfully, her dad kindly guided her toward a career in design that would exercise those art skills. 

Gina started her career as a graphic designer working in marketing departments developing collateral for brands before she studied Communication Design at the University of North Texas. With her previous experience in marketing and her experience at UNT studying design and anthropology, Gina discovered the meaningful relationships of human behavior and communication to the world of design.

Her interests then led her to the world of branding. Prior to Plan B, Gina found intrigue in branding small businesses and start up brands to help create small but great ideas grow to reality. Her goal as a designer is to tell a client's story through provocative, thoughtful and attractive design. In her free time she enjoys photography, painting and drawing, and exploring Texas towns with her family.


Graphic Designer