/Austin Gauley

Austin has spent most of his life residing in multiple states of the southeast, but creativity and design have continued to be a part of his story regardless of where he goes.


Combining his love of buildings, people, and art, Austin completed his B.S. in Interior Design at Mississippi College. After expanding his design work as a professional graphic designer, Austin pursued his MFA in interior design at Florida State University and completed his thesis “Enhancing the Grocery Store Experience by Understanding the Local Community”.


As a designer at Plan B Group, Austin is involved in helping clients create strong brands and communicating those brands through interiors. The goal for Austin is to create identities and experiences that people connect to and remember even if they can’t put it into words.


The creative process doesn’t stop for Austin even after five o’clock rolls around. He continues to be inspired while painting abstract landscapes, jamming to alternative R&B., and running through the streets and trails of Dallas. Later, down the road of life, Austin plans to teach art and design on the collegiate level.


Interior Designer